Beginner into yoga or experience yogi, building the foundation & fundamental


Focuses on static postures and longer hold. mindful awareness in every asana, as well as in the breath, this is a great class for students who are looking for a well-rounded practice.

Vinyasa flow

 Dynamic and challenging flow practice, from poses to poses. 

Yoga Stretch

Suitable for someone that looking for deep relax stretch.


Weightless environment, developing balancing & core.


The deep tissues of the joints to make all of the joints supple whilst opening up channels of energy in the body, which have been blocked. 


Combining yoga postures and breathing techniques to help you connect with your baby, mitigate discomforts, and lower stress levels. Expect to flow through a moment of standing poses, followed by restorative floor work, designed to open and strengthen the muscles, which are essential for labour and postnatal recover

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