leading swim school in Singapore, focusing on delivering quality swim lesson to everyone across nationwide, from babies to children & adult.

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MZ KIDDO is a leading swim school within Singapore, with many positive reviews for it's swim teaching team and quality swim lessons. We have played an active role in being water safety educators through having children develop strong swimming skills, most importantly we witnessed the growth and improvement. We constantly upgrading ourselves on improving the learning needs of individual swimmers, from little ones in our parent accompanied infant and toddler class, to children swim classes with stroke development programmes. For adult learners, it is never too late to learn a new skill, or have your current swim strokes achieve greater efficiency with improved technique.

Baby Swimming Lessons

There’s more to baby swim lessons than regular swimming.  An early exposure head start to get the little ones comfortable in the water, your baby’s brain grows through bilateral cross patterning. Research has also indicated a positive effect on improved levels in reading skills, language development, and spatial awareness.

Kids Swimming Lessons

Be it beginners, or children who knew how to swim, or competent swimmers seeking stroke correction, the kids swim program can be varied in focus depending on the needs of your child. We will improve their skill level higher from their existing standards and encourage them to swim faster and better.

Toddler Swimming Lessons

Making use of the potential building fundamentals in swim strokes with the preschool age group, as children continue to grow an

develop improved upper body mobility. With greater awareness of environment & body, it is time to inculcate water safety habit and stroke development.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Never too late to learn! Learn to swim efficiently and effectively as how swimming should be. Explore the details of density,  floatation, basic propulsion and breath technique. 


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Lesson fee & Duration

Our swim lesson fee are priced in the nature of swim class types. While the private individual cost more than group class.


Fees :  S$300.00 per term

Term : 10 lessons with 2 make-up class

Duration : 30 - 45 minute 

Group Size : Max 6 students



Individual : S$240.00 per month

Duet : S$320.00 per month

*Note that the per lesson cost serves only as a point of reference for ease of calculation, all fees are to be paid in advance ahead for a term, which is typically two months per term.






  • The Berth

    212 Ocean Dr, Singapore 098624

  • The Coast

    276 Ocean Dr, Singapore 098449

  • The Oceanfront

    281 Ocean Dr, Singapore 098527

  • The Azure

    201 Ocean Dr, 098584

  • The Residence @ W

    Ocean Way, Singapore 098367

  • Marina Collection

    13, 15, 17 Cove Drive, Singapore 098327

  • Cape Royale

    25 Cove Way, Singapore 098209

  • The Interlace

    180 Depot Rd, Singapore 109684

  • The Pearl

    Mt Faber Rd, Singapore 099209

  • Caribbean

    Keppel Bay Dr, Singapore 098645

  • Marina Bay Suite

    3 Central Blvd, Singapore 018965

  • Parc Centro

     Punggol Ctr, Singapore 828721

Frequently asked questions

Why should I send my child to MZ KIDDO?

Because other than teaching your child how to swim, we also include values of life, such as socialising with people and adult (teacher) with the correct way, also to face and over the challenges.

What make MZ Swim different?

Every Swim Teacher trained by Former National Athlete and Former Singapore American School’s Swim Squad Coach, other than making the class fun, we also focus on the stroke efficiency.

What is provided at MZ Swim’s Centre?

We provide shower facilities, swimming equipments & also extra actives for Parents, such as Yoga Class.

Do I (parent) have to be present during the class?

If your child is 4 years old & below, it will be ideal. Otherwise, you may choose attend the yoga class or shopping at TAMPINES IKEA, GIANT or COURTS.

Is parking provided?

Yes, Free parking for 3 hours or simply park at Giant or IKEA.

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